Electricity distribution company in Yazd province
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Electricity distribution company in Yazd province

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In line with government policies upon transfer part of their responsibilities to other governmental units formed simultaneously with provincial electricity distribution companies throughout the country electric power distribution company in Yazd province in 1371 and officially started its activities in order to achieve objectives that service companies better pictures and new applicants have been proud of the honorable people of Yazd province server has. Considering the change in company structure and the need Tavanir Tavanir direct supervision of company performance and distribution companies based on the independent distribution companies, electricity distribution company in Yazd province since 1/8/86 formally Mntz Yazd regional electricity company, and under Tavanir Company will continue to duty. .

Address: Yazd - Shahid Montazere Ghaem Blvd Vice - Yazd Electric Distribution Company

Postal Code: 8916794637  

Tel :6243111-14

Fax: 6249110

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