Electricity distribution company in Yazd province
انتخاب قالب گرافیکی

Electricity distribution company in Yazd province

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Persian to English translationShow romanization Article in today’s global customer of any fundamental principles of any company is to serve information technology and thus the emergence of new communication tools and information necessary is very advanced and new forms of Karhav how sustainable services to be the advent of technology that increase the quantity and quality of service is. Therefore, this company as a subset of the power industry, which directly provide services to the people is starting a site information and services small step in hopes that your satisfaction is taken honorable people. Now the help of God and believe in the age of electronic communication for the first steps of electronic identity company, we first of all accept the Ethics Office should be electronic age is undergoing transformation. Director of the Electronic Management can be placed all the information flow. Without necessarily causing the slow flow of information and samples and examples of similar and crucial role and importance of information quickly and create some changes in the way flow of information management and electronic communities transition from hierarchical management to participatory management will necessitate Since most attribute information as electronic communications world role is systems can only attribute to find the electronic flow of information is logical and specific transparent and the most important challenges face the public and even private systems are in the country. Without access to clear information to accelerate administrative and correct flow of information creation and flow of information revision of the outlook Ahdf organizations to achieve a system is imperative and in many cases this leads to Reload organizational and structural changes. Started moving at the end of the design electricity distribution company in Yazd province Nick Mahjong taken to the same place all the experts are invited to send us your comments and message to the email address of our company in helping to improve services Rsannd

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